New iPad Mini Comes with Samsung High-Res Screen

Apple's latest iPad mini showing up later this year will sport a Samsung high-resolution display, according to a report.

The new "retina" display comes from Samsung because the current iPad mini screen's resolution is considered too low, according to the Wall Street Journal. While the size will remain the same, the screen will be clearer. Apple originally planned using Sharp and LG displays, but decided to use Samsung to make make sure it had a large supply. (The current iPad mini uses LG and Taiwanese AU Optronics.)

This may seem confusing for those who have followed the Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement lawsuits, but it also illustrates the very close relationship between the two tech companies that led to the complaints. While the WSJ calls their relationship "unique", it could also easily be called dysfunctional. For more than a decade the two have worked on Apple's devices with Samsung creating processors, chips and other parts of Apple's flagship gadgets. That is, until Apple started suing Samsung for patent infringement, and then vice-versa.

Since then, Apple has tried to diversify its suppliers with varying results, but again finds itself needed its old partner likely because it can deliver high-quality products. "We cannot take [Apple's] orders because our rate of output efficiency is too low to be profitable," an AU Optronics manager told the WSJ. 
There's no word on whether Apple has upped the price for the Samsung displays, but after a lengthy court battle that's still in progress, you would think the South Korean company would make Apple pay just a little more.
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