Jobs' Pending Bio Spikes 41,800%

The ripples from Steve Jobs' death are still being processed, of course. As people put his accomplishments, personality and impact into perspective, there's an obvious spike of interest in "Things Jobs."

Tweets were averaging just over 6,000 per second -- good enough for fifth-biggest spike of activity on Twitter (Beyonce is first).

[An initial roundup of homage articles, with a particularly poignant one from John Gruber.]

An upcoming biography of Jobs has seen a spike of interest as well, with a 41,800 percent increase of pre-orders on, according to TheNextWeb.

Jobs' former company, Pixar, took a while yesterday (in internet terms) to say anything officially, too, but their site now has a dedicated image and statement about its former CEO.

When Jobs found out in February that his time was short, according to the New York Times, the first ripple started moving through his social and professional community -- some getting a slip of time to say goodbye.

The ripples will continue for the rest of the world much, much longer.

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