Kanye West Pulled Over for Speeding in Kim Kardashian's Car

Hip-hop star is briefly detained by cops Wednesday night for some questionable driving then released.

Kanye West may want to heed the advice he offers on one of his records: Drive slow.

West Hollywood police stopped the rapper and dad-to-be late Wednesday night outside the posh Chateau Marmont for allegedly speeding and having tinted windows.

West was apparently behind the wheel of baby mama Kim Kardashian's Mercedes Benz G63 SUV, which she purchased some months back.

Kim Kardashian pregnant with Kanye West's baby!

Officers ultimately decided to let him off with a warning and he drove off.

Perhaps they just wanted to do something nice for Kanye since he broke the news during a recent concert that he and his ladylove are expecting their first child together.

Whatever the reason, he's off the hook.

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