Lindsay Lohan Could Shine Her Troubled Light on “Celebrity Apprentice”

The news that Lindsay Lohan is considering an opportunity to star in the next "Celebrity Apprentice" should not come as a shock to anyone.

The NBC staple has long been a refuge for stars near the mid-bottom of that long ride down the celebrity ladder. For Lohan the ride down has just been quicker and from greater heights.

But like everyone else who does the show, these days she's looking for a nice paycheck and a chance at one more jolt of prime-time exposure.

If you can dance, you hit "Dancing with the Stars." If you can't dance, you hope for the best in mercurial boardroom of Donald Trump.

Lohan is mulling the latter according to an interview with mother Dina Lohan in Page Six. 

"Donald is a friend of the family and producers of 'Celebrity Apprentice' have approached Lindsay to appear in next season," Dina said. "She's deciding if she wants to do it or not, but she currently has three films in production so she's very busy."

This is not a step down for the troubled starlet who once had her pick of Hollywood movie parts. It's her reality.

And Trump has never met a train wreck he didn't love that would bring him increased ratings. So this could be a match made in reality show heaven. When Dennis Rodman was having trouble dealing with alcohol on the show, "Apprentice" producers pretty much made the episode a celebrity intervention with Trump pretending that his moronic barking was tough love. It was pretty great television.

Rodman then made the next chess board move to "Celebrity Rehab" over at VH1. Not an ideal career path to follow.

Rodman was the biggest celebrity by name that season (though co-star Jesse James would probably rate higher these days for all the wrong reasons). So Lohan would be like a giant, fading star in that "Apprentice" universe.

And she'd probably last about a week before getting canned.

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