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Lynne Abraham Collapses During Philly Mayoral Debate

UPDATE: Lynne Abraham returned to the campaign trail Wednesday morning, saying she feels healthy.

Philadelphia Mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham recovered after a scary moment during Tuesday night’s mayoral debate.

The former Philly District Attorney collapsed as State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams answered questions.

"I was on a riser," Abraham said during a press conference. "I leaned over to look at Tony and the lights went out."

Abraham quickly regained consciousness and was helped to her feet and taken off stage. A doctor checked out Abraham and told NBC10 she was going to be okay. She did not return for the rest of the debate.

"I believe I just had a sudden drop in blood pressure," Abraham said.

Abraham was in a good mood when addressing the media after the scary moment. She insisted she was fine and that nothing like that had ever happened to her before.

"It just happened at an inopportune time," Abraham said. "It's a little bit embarrassing but I fell gracefully. I didn't hurt anything. I'm fine."

Despite missing most of the debate, Abraham received a tremendous amount of support from viewers. In a poll asking which Democratic Philly Mayoral candidate might get their vote after the debate, 54 percent of participants voted for Abraham.

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