Matt Bomer Taking Off His “White Collar”–and More–for Steven Soderbergh

When film historians look back on "Magic Mike," based on the real-life male-stripper exploits of Channing Tatum, people will no doubt say, "That's what kept Steven Soderbergh from going into retirement?" And "White Collar" bohunk Matt Bomer can tell his grandkids his was part of that magical tale.

Bomer has signed on to dance for Soderbergh's "Magic Mike," starring Tatum in the title role as a stripper who mentors Alex Pettyfer in the ways of the hustle, with Matthew McConaughey starring as the ex-dancer who owns the club where they all ply their trade. We got hot flashes just typing that, the idea of watching it is enough to make us swoon.

The idea for "Magic Mike" came together while Soderbergh and Tatum were working together on "Contagion," during which, the latter regaled the former with tales from his days working the pole as a young lad. So rather than hang up his director's chair, as he's been threatening to do, Soderbergh's gonna stick around to make a movie about male strippers

Bomer can next be seen Oct. 28 co-starring with Justin Timberlake ad Amanda Seyfried in "In Time," as a wealthy 105-year-old man who helps JT go on the run from the law.

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