Microsoft Tablet Rumors Answered Today

Getting into the tablet space -- you know, the space that Apple basically owns with the iPad -- is always a good source of company rumor, if not a good source of company revenue.

Microsoft is rumored to be the next to take a stab it, albeit with rumored partners to include Barnes & Noble and Xbox Live.

This "major announcement" from the Redmond Giant is likely to be a tablet, according to TechCrunch and its sources. Microsoft already has $300 million of its money in the Nook, after all.

The invites for tech writers and bloggers went out Thursday and included no program information -- except that the program was in Los Angeles. Wait, what?

The only reason to move the thing to LA would be for production value, right? Some glitz? Which, Peter Ha speculates, rules out a preview of something like an operating system. So, ipso facto, it must be a new tablet. Right?

Our sister station in LA is sending a crew, so we will have answers for you as soon as they become available.

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