Baucus Changes Health Bill Over Dems' Concerns

Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee revises bill a day before it hits session

Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Max Baucus (D-Mont.) revised his controversial health care bill Monday to reflect concerns from key Democrats over whether the legislation will actually make health care affordable for low-income families.

The bill, which is expected to extend coverage to about 20 million Americans, would require almost everyone to buy insurance or pay a penalty fee. Democrats on the committee and in the Senate have voiced concerns over whether the $856 billion bill has high enough subsidies to lower insurance costs enough to be affordable and over a new tax on high-value insurance plans.

Baucus is taking into consideration as he amends the bill a flurry of Senate suggestions that could be incorporated in the bill's revisions before it hits the floor Tuesday at the committee meeting.

Democrats need 60 votes to advance the bill.

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