Feds Crack Hacker Heist in Biggest-Ever Data Breach Bust

An epic international hacking ring has been busted, one decade and 160 million credit card numbers after it began its rampage across the servers of global business behemoths. On Thursday, a quintet of the gang's alleged members were indicted — one is in U.S. custody, another is awaiting extradition in the Netherlands and three more are still at large -- in what a federal prosecutor called the biggest data heist ever prosecuted. All five were originally allegedly part of a crime ring led by Alberto Gonzalez, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence following his 2008 arrest. For a while, the group's scheme was so successful that they grew overconfident and cocky, boasting during online chats about their notoriety and about using Google alerts to be tipped off to when their access might be cut off, prosecutors said. Click through to learn more about how the gang managed to siphon hundreds of millions of dollars from countless victims.

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