Jon Gosselin Hits Head, Gets Stitches

"This is 24/7," octodad griped before hitting his head

As if he didn't have enough problems to wrap his head around.

Jon Gosselin received stitches along his left eyebrow Thursday after knocking his head on a kitchen cabinet, reported.

But don't worry. His rep said everything was fine -- meaning the unemployed father of eight can return to living his "nightmare": having to watch what he says off the set of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

Gosselin said earlier this week he longed to step out of the searing spotlight and into a life of simplicity, but shot down rumors that he wanted to stop filming the wildly popular TLC show.

"I never said that," Gosselin told "A fan asked me, 'Don't you sometimes wish you could go back to a 9-to-5 job?' [And I said,] 'Yeah, because this is 24/7, and 9-to-5ers punch in and punch out and you have no responsibilities," he told the magazine.

"Here ... you have to watch what you say so it doesn't contradict something else."

Gosselin, who reportedly splits the show's revenue with ex-wife Kate, said he was living a constant "nightmare" and was quoted as saying he only continued to shoot the series so he could pay the bills.

"I have two houses and eight children to take care of, and I need to work," he told

But Gosselin said the story he was leaving the show was the result of someone having "overheard something that was nothing," he told People.

The reality TV dad also said when his brood recently halted filming it was because they wanted to play -- not because they were fed up with the cameras.

"It's 96 degrees outside and they just said they wanted to go in the pool," he said. "So guess what? They took their clothes off, put their swimsuits on and jumped in the pool. ... I just looked at my producer and said, 'What are you going to do?'"

Gosselin reportedly came under fire from cable network TLC who complained that his bachelorhood-embracing behavior could put him in violation of his contract.

The octodad, who was photographed wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the phrase "Lies, lies, lies" -- said he sported the shirt as a joke.

"I just thought it was funny, because people can write anything about me. ... How can you write something about me or say something about me without actually asking me?"

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