Knife-Wielding Man Hijacks Arkansas School Bus

A knife-wielding man took 11 elementary school children and their bus driver hostage in Jacksonville, Ark., Thursday morning during a carjacking that ended in an approximately ten-mile chase, police said. A spokeswoman for the Jacksonville Police Department said no one was injured in the incident. Nicholas John Miller, 22, a resident of the city demanded a car from a woman walking along the street at knifepoint, but the woman did not have a car to give him, police said. Miller then turned to a elementary school bus that had made a routine stop at a nearby apartment complex, Jacksonville Police Captain Kenny Boyd said. Knife in hand, Miller got on the bus and made the driver flee the scene before taking over driver's seat himself. The bus would not stop and spike strips were deployed by another Arkansas police department assisting in the chase, Capt. Boyd said. Miller stopped the bus when he saw the spikes and was taken into custody.

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