Lily Allen Breaks Down in Tears on Stage

Songstress gets teary-eyed during concert

Lily Allen broke down in tears and struggled to make it through her concert during an emotional mid-performance meltdown.

The sobbing singer was on stage in Finland over the weekend when the waterworks kicked in and, quoting her latest album "It's Not Me It's You," she apologized to the fans and said she was feeling under the weather becasue of a fall she had the night before.

"I feel a bit emotional tonight and if I cry it's not because of you but because of me," she told the crowd, according to the Daily Mail (U.K.).

The red-faced songstress, dolled up in sequined glam rock duds, dabbed her eyes with a towel, smudging her painted-on shimmering eyeshadow.     

Earlier in the day, the singer explained on her Twitter page she was suffering from physical pain from a fall she suffered the night before her show.  

"Fell over badly last night and I've really f----- my back up. Just had an injection in my bum. How am I gonna get through tonight's gig?" she wrote on her Twitter page

It wasn't the first time Allen concerned fans. In 2007, she posted a note on MySpace saying she felt "fat and ugly" during her tour in America and had been crying in her hotel room and was considering gastric bypass surgery and liposuction.

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