Push One Button, Receive a Pizza

One Dubai pizzeria is catering to the laziest pizza-lovers

If you've ever wished you could make food appear on your doorstep with the push of a single button, well, you can. But you might need to move to Dubai.

All you'll have to do is get a refrigerator magnet from the tiny Mid-East state's Red Tomato pizzeria and press it every time you want a pie, MSNBC's Bites blog reports.

Customers tell the pizzeria their favorite kind of pizza in advance. Then, anytime they press the button on the magnet they've stuck to their empty fridge, the magnet connects to a Bluetooth device and sends the pizzeria a pizza order.

(Just to be sure nobody pressed the button by accident, the restaurant sends a confirmation text so a would-be customer can cancel the order.)

"In Dubai, everyone wants everything delivered," the pizzeria's owner told Today.com. "We have been amazed at its popularity."

See the pizzeria's Hollywood blockbuster-style explanation of the process below.

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