Taylor Swift's Swastika Photo Shock

Taylor Swift may have painted herself into a corner.

The squeaky-clean country singer was celebrating songstress Katy Perry's 25th birthday over the weekend at a star-studded Willy Wonka-themed party in Hollywood when she was photographed arm-in-arm with a party guest who appeared to have a red swastika emblazoned on his T-shirt.

Partygoers had been told to wear all white and left the party covered in neon paint.

A photo showing Swift -- wearing a white dress with "JH" painted on the front -- with her arm wrapped around the unknown partygoer in his swastika shirt was published on a website by someone who claims to be the individual in the photograph and the singer's new boyfriend.

"Taylor Swift and I are officially dating," the poster wrote.

A rep for Swift told gossip site TMZ that "Taylor took pictures with about 100 people that night ... she doesn't know who this guy is and she didn't realize what was on his shirt."

Photos of Taylor dancing with the unnamed individual in the background also surfaced after the Saturday night bash.

Taylor tweeted about the party but made no mention of the racist shirt.

"Katyperry knows how to throw a birthday party!" she posted on her Twitter page just after midnight on Sunday. "I would even go as far as to say it was party-licious. Best EVER. Happy bday, pretty girl!!" 

Stars Russell Brand, Julianne Hough were among the party guests.

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