U.S. Missionaries Leave Orphans Behind in S. Sudan

An America family looking after 10 orphans in South Sudan were set to fly out of the country Friday night, but are forced to leave the children they were fighting to take with them behind at a United Nations camp in Juba, NBC News reported. The family told NBC News on Friday that a local governor said the orphans would not be allowed to go with them. "We are struggling to fight feelings of failure right now," Kim Campbell, 54, said. The Campbell family and all of the children arrived at the makeshift U.N. camp on Christmas Day as fighting among the country's presidential guards spiraled into widespread ethnic violence, threatening their compound in the city of Malakal. With food becoming scarce and violence still a threat, Campbell said they would have to leave the country without the children. She said they planned to meet with other missionary groups in Kenya and try to arrange an aid drop into the area. Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy in South Sudan was evacuating more of its personnel Friday because of a deteriorating security situation.

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