New Jersey Man Working in Yard Attacked by Coyote: Police

UPDATE: Man Attacked by Coyote in New Jersey Yard: "I Didn't See It Coming"

A New Jersey man was attacked by a coyote while he was working in his yard Monday morning, police in the borough say.

The man, a Twin Brooks-area resident in Saddle River, was able to escape from the coyote and taken to the hospital for treatment, Saddle River police said. 

Police say they believe the same coyote attacked a neighbor's dog last week, and workers in the area reported seeing the coyote acting aggressively toward other dogs several times Monday.

Officers spotted the animal running through a neighbor's yard during the day, and called in animal control and officers from the state Division of Fish and Wildlife, police said. 

The responding officers found the coyote in the woods and euthanized it, police said. It was being taken to a state animal lab for testing and analysis.

The resident attacked by the coyote has returned home and is recovering, police said.

Anyone who sees wild animals acting aggressively should call police, authorities said.

Authorities have noted that it's become "quite common for coyotes to enter into urban and residential areas and in many cases make small wooded areas their home," according to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Last month, a family in Closter showed NBC 4 New York an old doghouse in their yard in which two roaming coyotes had taken up residence. 

People who encounter a coyote should never run away; instead, they're encouraged to "haze" the animal with techniques like making loud noises or throwing sticks or objects towards but not at the coyote, the Humane Society says. 

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