North Lake Tahoe's Season Ready to Glow

Schussing to the North Lake Tahoe area in December? There are Santa-riffic doings just ahead.

A HEAVY SNOWFALL, with all of its flurry-pretty, crystal-magical properties, has a way of making December feel even more December-ish, if such a thing is possible. And it really is, in certain spots, up around our mountain areas, and close to the beautiful alpine lakes, too, where snowflakes and snow angels and snow people up the December factor by ten. Tahoe is one such enchanted body of water, and what goes on upon its shores, and its general region, as Christmas draws near might be worthy of a storybook, or at least a tale told over a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. The big reveal on this lead-up? A number of spots in the North Lake Tahoe area will festoon the final month of the year with happy events, get-outside goings-on, and Santa sightings, too. Plan to be in that nook as the yuletide draws close? Then consider a visit to...

THE VILLAGE AT SQUAW VALLEY, where an Olde World Christmas will settle in for a festive fortnight (the "Olde" in the name practically demands that one go with the term "fortnight" instead of the more modern "two weeks"). The first date for the Merry Days & Holly Nights experience is Friday, Dec. 15, the final wrap-up happens on New Year's Eve, and the other days'll stay busy with a bounty of raise-the-spirits sights. Those sights include decorated shop windows (look for "vignettes from Christmases past") as well as a 25-foot tree (it sings) and performances galore (think fire dancers and ballroom dancers, both). A torchlight parade is a ski staple, and ice sculptures are a must-see when calling upon a destination at a higher location, too. Oh, they're illuminated, furthering that whole storybook, magical village, peak-and-lake loveliness, too. There are plenty of happenings around North Lake Tahoe come the winter holidays, but for an Olde-y experience? Go Village at Squaw Valley over the second half of December.

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