Occupy LA a Tea Party Cousin?

Demonstrators took over Downtown Los Angeles as part of Occupy LA, part of a nationwide series of demonstrations calling to attention corporate greed and perceived economic injustices.

But is it just a liberal reaction to the tea party?

"It comes from the same outrage, source, kind of desperation," said Nina Eliasoph, USC Sociology Professor. 

The difference between rich and poor matches what the country faced in 1928 before the stock market crash, Eliasoph said. Occupy LA is hoping to restore the balance.

"It's saying we want a middle class again, we want to get back to where we were in the fifties where we had a middle class that was comfortable without having to be either exceptionally wealthy or exceptionally poor."

"Occupy Los Angeles" is a solidarity group to Occupy Wall Street, which began a protest in New York City on Sept. 17 in opposition to greed and corruption, according to its website.

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