How O'Malley's Bid Could Change the Game for Clinton

New legislation may help a Pittsburg family sue the U.S. Navy for medical malpractice over daughter's death

Former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley launched his presidential campaign Saturday in Baltimore. O'Malley has been trying to cast himself as the alternative to Hillary Clinton for Democrats who either are tired of the Clinton family or prefer a more liberal candidate, NBC News reported. O'Malley is probably the strongest person in the Democratic field to take on Clinton for the 2016 nomination, but she remains the overwhelming favorite to win. However, if one of her rivals is somehow able to win a few primaries and make Clinton work hard in the Democratic nomination process, O'Malley may be able to drum up more support. As governor, O'Malley has the kind of record of liberal accomplishments even Clinton would dream of, having signed a repeal of Maryland's death penalty, an increase in the state's minimum wage, and laws that allowed some undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses and in-state tuition at Maryland's public colleges. Click to read a full NBC analysis of O'Malley's challenge to Clinton.

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