OSX Lion Released, USB Version Coming Soon

With new MacBook Airs, new Mac Minis and OS X Lion exploding onto the scene from Apple's fortress, today's a good day to make Apple love. Customers who were looking forward to OS X Lion, but not keen on having to download the 4GB OS update from the Mac App Store will be happy to hear that a USB flash drive version will come in August.

New Mac buyers will automatically have OS X Lion shipped on their machines, but the $30 OS that brings iOS elements to OS X was originally believed to be Mac App Store exclusive. Essentially, Apple was forcing the DVD install disc into an a coffin and burying it alive.

Great news people who have slow Internet connections or don't have an Apple Store nearby to leech free Wi-Fi off. Apple will be selling a USB flash drive with OS X Lion on its online store by the end of August.

Now for the bad news: it'll cost $69 — that's double what the download version costs!

Giving Mac users an alternative option to installing OS X Lion is a great idea, but charging twice as much for the same thing is kind of a douchey move. Flash drives (especially 4GB ones) shouldn't cost more than a $20 bucks these days. We understand that Apple's selling these things online and needs to pay for its workers and shipping supplies, but a $40 markup is unbelievable.

Prospective upgraders would do well to just stick to the Mac App Store version of OS X Lion. With my last MacBook, I don't think I ever had to reinstall the OS in its four year life. Maybe that's a good thing.


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