Los Feliz Home Where Mountain Lion P-22 Squatted Designated a “Certified Wildlife Habitat”

The hillside residence where LA's famed mountain lion P-22 made himself at home has been designated by the National Wildlife Federation as a "Certified Wildlife Habitat."

Homeowners Paula and Jason Archinaco were given a certificate Saturday for showing care and concern for the big cat, which was found hiding out in the Los Feliz home's crawl space last Monday.

"We commend you guys for being so fantastic about welcoming him," said Leigh Wyman, an NWF representative. "You never think that you're going to be in your beautiful home... and think that, 'Oh, when I get back there's going to be a mountain lion under my house just hanging out.' So, it could have gone poorly and it could have gone differently, but you guys were fantastic."

Technicians attempting to install security equipment at the residence in the 2700 block of Glendower Avenue discovered the whiskered intruder. A crush of news media descended on the home as wildlife officials attempted to lure the mountain lion out.

P-22 slipped out the next morning.

The lion's radio telemetry monitoring device later showed it had returned to the 4,300-acre Griffith Park.

NBC4's Nancy Oy contributed to this report.

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