Paris Hilton Working on New Reality TV Show

Paris Hilton told PopcornBiz she's plotting a return to her roots, and we're talking TV, not hair.

The former reality show star is looking to get back into the TV genre that just won't go away.

"I'm working on my new TV show right now," Hilton told PopcornBiz at the Chagoury Couture fashion show.

She's keeping the details secret even if she didn't deny that it was going to be a reality show. "I can't give the details, since we haven't pitched it yet to anyone," she says. "It's going to be a surprise."

Perhaps a reunion with her "The Simple Life" co-star Nicole Richie? "We'll see what happens," she says.

Unlike every other new reality show, she said it would have nothing to do with the state of Alaska. "I'm going to stay in L.A.," she says.

She promises full details will be out soon.

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