Putting a Face on Siri

Some artists have created a face for Apple's talking assistant.

Sure, a lot of people joke about the iPhone 4S virtual assistant — maybe she's a little too bossy, or frustrating, even a little too helpful. She's been the center of many an Internet meme poking fun at her presence in our lives. But now, thanks to a group of various artists Siri has a face and we might look at her in a whole new light.

Actually, Siri has a few different faces as each artist submitted their own personal vision for the virtual personal attendant as part of a competition run by Shapeways, a 3D printing service startup. The contest asked artists to submit ideas for Siri — whether it was a sketch, video or model, and the entries showed a full spectrum of the imagination.

Shapeways just announced the winners on its blog, one in the 3D design category and one in an Inspiring Design category. Check out the winners and some of the honorable mentions — there's everything from what looks like a scary cousin to HAL to some super hot futuristic vixens.

Now that we can all put a face to the name Siri she may be even harder to forget!

Shapeways, via Huffington Post


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