Seeking Sheep Milk Ice Cream in Paso Robles

Negranti Creamery's luxe take on the decadent dessert includes a host of delicious ingredients like blackberry rosemary and strawberry basil.

Negranti Creamery

A SUBLIME SCOOP... of something rich and creamy has always provided an inventive canvas for creative cooks. Ice cream on its own can be rich, deep, and layered, of course, but then come the zingy herbs, the fruits, and the other add-ins that make each beautiful, cone-topping orb its own exceptional work of art. But what if that work of art started with something more offbeat but highly flavorful at the beginning of the process? That's the innovative thinking baaa-hind Negranti Creamery in Paso Robles. And, yes, the "baaa" is a hint that the ice cream house is billed as "America’s first and only sheep’s milk ice cream," a temptation for gourmets, ice cream fans, and sheep people alike.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT... from the flavor of this unusual confection? The shop shared some background: "Besides the naturally sweet and nutty flavor of sheep’s milk, it boasts a creamy texture and is a healthier alternative to traditional cow’s milk ice cream, gelato and dairy-free alternatives. Sheep's milk is lactose-intolerant friendly, has half the calories of cow's milk ice cream and is 45% higher in protein," is the delicious word. Negranti's Creamery ice cream can be found in over 100 grocers throughout the Golden State and West Coast, but if you find yourself road-tripping around the Central Coast, pop by Paso for a scoop. The address? It's at 2989 Limestone Way in Paso Robles.

THE CREAMERY, which was founded by Alexis Negranti, will celebrate its first decade this November, meaning that plenty of ice cream enthusiasts have had time to become enamored with flavors like Black Coffee Chip and Animal Cookie Delight. Looking for a different way to dessert? Start here.

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