Sergey Brin's Billionaire Ex: “I Get Parking Tickets All the Time”

Anne Wojcicki, a biologist and estranged wife of Google founder Sergey Brin, is worth billions but said she can't turn down freebies, is a cheapskate and likes to park illegally.

The news came in the Sunday Times, but was covered in a multitude of places, including CNET which devoted quite a bit of space to her illegal parking habits. " I get parking tickets all the time. We've worked out the stats and it's 50-50 odds of getting a ticket and the cost versus time saved means I can accept it," she told the Times.

She also drank so much free carrot juice offered at her office, about 32 ounces a day, that she turned orange. 'I grew up with my mom being very, very cheap, so when it's free I'm like 'Oh my God, it's free - I have to take as much as I can!'" Wojcicki reportedly said.

She and Brin reportedly separated last year, after news that Brin was dating a British Google employee named Amanda Rosenberg he was working with at Google X. Still, Wojcicki, who lives with the couple's two children in Palo Alto, Calif., shares part of the couple's estimated $30 billion fortune, the Daily Mail reported. Wojcicki is also the chief executive of 23AndMe, a DNA-testing company.

Aside from illegally parking, Wojcicki still maintains some frugality. She said she refuses to buy drinks or desserts in restaurants because they are overpriced.

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