South Windsor College Student Wows at Michael Bublé Concert

Chelsea Hebert brought a sign asking Bublé to let her sing with him

Twenty-one-year-old Chelsea Hebert has dreamed of singing on stage with Michael Bublé since high school. On Wednesday, the South Windsor native’s dream came true.

“I would tell my best friend Olivia all the time that I was going to sing on stage with (Michael Bublé),” Hebert said. “It’s always been such a dream of mine.”

Wednesday night marked Hebert’s fourth Michael Bublé concert, and her seats at Hartford’s XL Center were closer to the stage than she had ever been before.

Herbert figured, “being so close... now’s my chance.”

So she made a sign that read, “Let Me Sing With You Mr. Bublé!” and brought it along with her to the concert.

Bublé obliged and invited Hebert on stage to sing with him. He even let her pick the song.

“I don’t even remember going up there,” Hebert said. She said that she and her godmother, who attended the concert with her, were in complete shock for the rest of the night.

Hebert chose to sing “Feeling Good,” a song she had been practicing during the days leading up to the concert, just in case she was asked to sing on stage.

The song choice was appropriate, considering Hebert’s “good feeling” about her chances that night

“I was just thinking really positive,” she said.

A video of Hebert’s performance appeared on YouTube later that night, and has received thousands of views since.

Hebert was so good, some commenters on the YouTube video believe she was planted in the audience by Bublé. Hebert says it was 100-percent spontaneous. she takes those comments as a compliment.

“People are going to think what they want to think,” Hebert said. “I know it’s real, my friends and family know it’s real, and that’s all that matters.”

Hebert has never had any professional training. She did not discover her love for singing until high school when she joined South Windsor High School’s Show Choir.

“I was like 'Hey, I’m kind of good at this,'” Hebert said.

Hebert is now a senior at Southern Connecticut State University, where she fosters her love for singing as a member of the university’s Jubilee Gospel Choir.

While she has plans to graduate with a degree in psychology and begin working toward a graduate degree in the near future, she said she would love to make a career out of her musical talents.

“I pray that this can turn into something,” Hebert said of her impromptu performance.

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