Takin About Spring Break at San Diego Zoo

Enjoy the new baby takin, the panda cub, and more animal goodness.

SPRING BABIES: Proverbial wisdom says that many families take whatever vacation they're going to take during the summer months. But that's proverbial wisdom that's a bit cobwebby; it developed in a time when school vacations were more uniform, a half century ago, and getting that week off (or taking a week that was due to you) was not a big deal. Vacation styles change, though, and many families are apt to take longer weekends rather than weeks and travel at other times during the year. Thanksgiving is big for this, and really big? Yep, spring break leading right up to the week of Easter. That March week isn't just for college students looking for a beach but young'uns and their parents looking for some fun with, just perhaps, an educational aspect. With that in mind, we present for your consideration the San Diego Zoo -- you've heard of it, yes? -- and its annual Play Days.

MARCH 23-APRIL 15: There are always special events going down at the Balboa Park animal-sweet spot, but staffers up the kid-nice happenings during the spring-break-y period. Think Doctor Zoolittle's Bug Show and a stroller-decorating contest and meerkat feedings. Wait. Why didn't we just start this post with the words "meerkat feedings"? Is it too late to go back and begin again? We're sold. Let's also pause to mention her the zoo's new baby takin -- Linshuh is his name -- and that world-famous, quite literally, panda cub Little Gift (people are now calling him Mr. Wu). Whether you're able to swing by for a looksie at the wee ones or you just go to enjoy all the Play Days activities, it's nice to spend spring break, and a family vacay, in the learning way.

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