Taye Diggs Pays Ellen a Visit

Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Taye Diggs drops by to talk about his son, his new role on "Empire" and plays "Does Taye Diggs It?"

Diggs joins "Empire" this year -- but did so not realizing it was shot in Chicago, not Los Angeles. Luckily, the producers were able to shorten the work week to make it possible for Diggs to shoot the series, since he was hesitant to leave his son in LA behind.

“You would’ve gotten in your car and just..kept driving,” joked Ellen about the location miscommunication.

And, in typical Ellen style, she created a game for the guest called "Does Taye Diggs It?" in which he reveals whether he "Diggs" it or not.

Be sure to tune in this Friday, when presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visits Ellen for her first sit-down interview since the heated second presidential debate.

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