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The Search Is Still on for Amelia Earhart 80 Years After Disappearance

Famed aviator Amelia Earhart was last heard from on July 2, 1937, as she attempted to make the first around-the-world flight along the equator with navigator Fred Noonan, NBC News reported.

Earhart was officially declared dead in 1939 after the U.S. government concluded that she crashed somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, but her remains were never found.

Over the decades, her disappearance has mystified historians and fans and fueled numerous conspiracy theories. Here are just some of the plane tales that have surfaced about the fate of the doomed pilot:

  • Earhart died as a prisoner after being captured by the Japanese
  • Earhart's plane sank into the Pacific Ocean after she got lost and ran out of gas
  • Earhart was a U.S. spy who returned home with a new identity
  • Earhart died as a castaway

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