Todd Phillips' “Project X” Seeking Cast of Nobodies for Hard-R Comedy

Armed with the newfound clout that comes with directing a blockbuster, Todd Phillips is taking the opportunity to do whatever the hell he wants.

To that end he's teamed up with Joel Silver to produce "Project X," a raunchy new comedy to be helmed by one of the most innovative music video directors.

Nima Nourizadeh, who's worked with acts like Hot Chip, Santogold and Dizzie Rascal among others, will direct the $12-million feature that begins shooting on June 14, reported Deadline Hollywood. Nourizadeh apparently got the job largely on the strength of an Adidas commerical he filmed.

Phillips is co-producing with Silver, and the word is that they're looking for unknowns to take the lead roles.

Little is known about the film -- not even the real title -- but given the brilliance Phillips' "The Hangover" and the great camera work and visual style of Nourizadeh, we're eager to see how this pans out.

Phillips' next film, "Due Date," starring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. comes out Nov. 5.

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