Tom Cruise Heading Into “Oblivion”

Somewhere Mike Tyson is looking forward to seeing Tom Cruise fade into oblivion.

Cruise has finally signed on to star in the sci-fi epic "Oblivion," reported Deadline. It's based on a story idea by Joseph Kosinski, who will also direct the film, which goes into production in October.

Cruise is to play a court-martialed soldier sentenced to live alone on a distant planet, repairing drones that are used to threaten alien lifeforms. But his worldview is changed drastically when a beautiful woman crashes her spaceship onto his lonely rock.

After the mess that was "Tron: Legacy," it's a wonder why anyone would hand Kosinski another $100 million. The two best things about the latest "Tron" were Daft Punk's soundtrack and the battle scenes in the arena, of which there weren't nearly enough.

Cruise can next be seen Dec. 16 in "Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol," with Jeremy Renner.

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