Trolls Shut Down ReaganBook, the Right-Wing Facebook

Perhaps you haven't heard of ReaganBook yet, but it did exist earlier this week and was billed as the social network for conservatives. At least that was before it was overrun by Internet trolls posting pornographic images and shut down by its creator.

"Thank you to all those who participated in the pre-release of Your participation is helping us build a more secure site," the site's manager wrote. "Please be patient while we make the necessary changes to keep the site free from obscenity, pornography, and those intent on the destruction of life, liberty, and the family. We will be opening the doors again soon with additional protections in place. As Reagan taught us, trust, but verify."
The Verge reported that ReaganBook's anonymous login -- where users didn't have to prove their identity -- led to a veritable hodgepodge of famous conservative names, pornography and prayer for liberal trolls. The social network allows users to see every update in a "single homepage stream," so there's no escape from the worst of ReaganBook.  "(It's) a disaster. It's like you're on a busy bus where you can't tune anyone out, and everyone is hostile toward the bus, because the bus holds what the passengers believe to be extreme views on foreign policy," The Verge wrote.
Despite the trolls, it seems as if ReaganBook, which was started by Republican Jane Porter, will be back but probably without the anonymous login.
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