Update iPhone 5 without iTunes: Rumor

The new superfast, quick-to-render iMac is out this week, but users may not need it to update their iPhones, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

Most smartphones -- like those with Android OS -- conduct their software updates over the air, while Apple used iTunes as its updating interface.

Apple TV does not require a cabling to iTunes, so iOS is built to handle over the air updates, but they can get rather large -- up to 600 MB, according to 9 to 5.

Apple and Verizon have reportedly been in talks for many months about pushing this method out. Rumors, as always, have it that iPhone 5 will be the first Apple handheld to be updatable OTA.

That makes iPhone 5's rumored awesomeness just shy of the light bulb or sliced bread. Can it live up to the broad, deep speculation of its new powers?

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