Water Key to Bangladeshi Woman's 16-Day Survival

Reshma Begum, the Bangladeshi woman who survived 16 days buried in the rubble of a collapsed garment factory, said she had drunk limited quantities of water from bottles that she had around her during the ordeal. Experts say water would have been key to her survival. Begum, the mother of a young son, was hospitalized for dehydration, according to officials, but she should make a full recovery if she didn't sustain any major injuries, said Randall Packer, an expert on the body's water balance at George Washington University. Packer told NBC News that Begum "could survive that long without food intake but not without water intake." Begum told rescuers she had access to water and some dry food. Packer said water is the best fluid for survival, but a person can stay hydrated by drinking many other fluids, with the exception of alcoholic beverages, which cause dehydration.

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