Will Ferrell's “Everything Must Go” Drops Trailer & Poster

Will Ferrell went serio-comic before to great effect in "Stranger Than Fiction," and he's going down that path yet again in a new film adapted from a Raymond Carver story.

"Everything Must Go" tells the story of a man (Ferrell) who heads home after getting fired from his job , only to find all his things on the lawn of his house and his wife gone. Dan Rush adapted the screenplay from Raymond Carver's "Why Don't You Dance."

The film also features Rebecca Hall as the new neighbor from the across the street, Stephen Root as the guy next door with his own curious predilections, Michael Pena as Ferrell's AA sponsor and Christopher Jordan Wallace (son of late rapper Notorious BIG) as the kid from down the street who befriends him.

"Everything Must Go" opens May 13.

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