Yelp Gives Business Owners Stronger Voice

Yelp has created a mobile app for businesses to respond to customer reviews, either through private message or publiccomments, the user-generated site reported in a company blog post.

As VentureBeat suggested, it's hard to believe that Yelp didn't have an app like this already, but it's likely because Yelp has been more organized towards users than businesses. Users already have a "Message the Business" tool they can use to communicate with merchants or business owners, and without user-generated content it would cease to exist.

Perhaps this is Yelp's way of trying to reward its business owners who often feel powerless amid so much user power. It will also give businesses a chance to look at user views, customer leads and ad clicks in the last 30 days. Yelp said it may add more features to the app in the future.

The new app is available on both iOS and Android and in 29 countries.

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