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California Aims to Recycle 75 Percent of Waste



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    Temecula neighbors Laila Callagher, left, and Tessa Turner share a laugh as they recycle their aluminum cans at Temecula Recycling on Friday. A state law passed Thursday will extend mandated recycling to apartments and businesses.

    Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation that sets an ambitious statewide goal of recycling 75 percent of California's trash by 2020, and requires schools, stores, offices, government buildings and apartment complexes to develop recycling programs by July 1, 2012, reports the North County Times.

    For a decade, California has had a goal ---- and a requirement ---- that communities across the state divert half of the solid waste headed for landfills, and find ways to recycle or reuse the materials.

    The new law raises the bar, even though it doesn't make the new 75 percent target a requirement.

    But the law does require, for the first time, that every complex with at least five apartments offer recycling to tenants, state officials said. And it does mandate that every business that throws away at least 4 cubic yards of trash a week ---- the amount that fits in the standard-size Dumpster ---- implement recycling plans.

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