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Cam-Pains: Whitman Opposition Gets Tricky With Wiki

Wikimeg features plenty of eBay seller rants, supporters as well



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    A site meant to solicit details about Meg Whitman has attracted supporters and detractors alike.

    Wikimeg is the new site to "crowdsource" potentially unfavorable information about former eBay CEO and current Republican gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman from the independent expenditure committee Level the Playing Field 2010.

    Like most public "wiki" style sites, anyone can sign up to post comments and information -- even Whitman supporters.

    Currently, most of the posts are rants about Whitman's days at eBay, including many that complained about decisions to increase the fees charged to sellers which Whitman used to boost profits at the company.

    But Whitman fans have rushed to her defense, with one discussion thread titled "If the unions are ganging up on Meg, Then I am all for Meg."

    Level the Playing Field is funded by Democrats and labor organizations, and has already put up a Web site and run radio ads attacking Whitman.

    The site is buttressed by the opposition research typical from opponents, including a detailed biography of Whitman and details about the criminal records of some of her campaign aides.

    Candidates have long used Web sites to raise funds, promote their campaigns and issue attacks on their opponents. But California seems to be leading the way once again online, as this may be one of the first independent efforts to collect and distribute details to be used against a candidate.

    Jackson West won't be holding his breath waiting for the site to break actual, factual and damaging details.