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Marijuana Dispensaries Celebrate Cannabis Award

California medical marijuana clubs hold contest for best pot



    Marijuana Dispensaries Celebrate Cannabis Award
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    SAN FRANCISCO - JULY 13: A worker at the Alternative Herbal Health Services cannabis dispensary packages medicinal marijuana July 13, 2006 in San Francisco. San Francisco city planners are deciding July 13 if they will issue a permit to allow Kevin Reed to open the Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary right in the middle of San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf area, a popular tourist destination. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Medical marijuana has gone mainstream in the Bay Area.  So much so that one of the "hot" places to be this past weekend was the first ever High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, which drew huge crowds in the City.

    The event is a tamer version of Amsterdam's annual Cannabis Cup, which has been growing strong there for more than 20 years.   It's the Academy Awards of marijuana cultivators.

    For two days hundreds of people plunked down $60 and packed the Terra Gallery on Harrison to learn everything about pot. 

    The highlight of the weekend is the Cannabis Cup Award. A group of elite judges put their heads together pick the best ganja from dispensaries around the Bay Area.  Yes, personal testing was involved.

    The two top winners were "God's Pussy" by GreenBicycles and "Cali Gold" from Mr. Natural Inc.

    Here's the complete list of High Times Cannabis Cup Winners:


    1. GreanBicycles (Vortex - a.k.a. God's Pussy)
    2. The Green Door San Francisco (Candy Jack)
    3. Purple Lotus Patient Center (Durban Poison)


    1. Mr. Natural Inc (Cali Gold)
    2. Elemental Wellness (True OG)
    3. Tehama Herbal Collective (Bubba Kush)


    1. 1. Leonard Moore Cooperative (Ingrid)
    2. 2. Phillips Rx (Herojauna)
    3. 3. 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center (Granddaddy  Purple Wax)


    1. Greenway Compassionate Relief (Biscotti)
    2. Medithrive (Bliss Edibles Truffles)
    3. The Hampton Collective (Totally Baked Medibles Tincture)

    The expo brought together medical marijuana experts, growers, advocates and patients who featured seminars for cultivation and activism hosted by the big names in the medi-pot scene.

    Patients with a valid medical marijuana recommendation were allowed to light up if they brought their own doobie in the outdoor "Prop 215 Section."