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Three Amigos Take Aim At Swine Flu

North American leaders discuss pandemic, trade and cartels at summit



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    President Barack Obama, right, Mexico's President Felipe Calderon, center, and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed to join forces to contain the swine flu pandemic.

    The "Three Amigos" are joining forces to battle swine flu.

    Appearing a joint news conference with his Mexican and Canadian counterparts, President Obama announced the North American leaders will pool resources and efforts to minimize the impact of the H1N1 virus, which some experts fear could strike hard in the fall.

    "Our governments have worked together to fight this and will continue to do so," said Obama, as he stood at podiums along with Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "This challenge transcends borders and so does our [commitment to fighting it."

    The agreement on swine flu was in contrast to thornier issues the trio discussed behind closed doors. Sources Obama was pressed on two key trade issues: Language in the federal $787 billion stimulus bill that favors U.S. companies and a ban on Mexican trucks operating in the U.S.

    Obama praised Calderon for his efforts to combat violent Mexican drug cartels who have been increasingly operating across the border.Aides to Obama described the summit as "cordial" but short on progress.

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