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Navy Training Exercise has Nor Cal Concerned



    Navy Training Exercise has Nor Cal Concerned
    US Navy Littoral Combat Ship USS Freedom (LCS 1) designed by Lockheed Martin, in Atlanic Ocean.

    If you are in Mendocino County and happen to see some fearsome looking Navy ships, don't be alarmed. It is only a drill.

    But some Northern California residents are till concerned with the Navy's plan to expand its military exercise program from Washington into Northern California waters.

    Critics argue that the operations can pollute the ocean and harm local wild life. The Navy says it does everything within its power to reduce the impact on the environment during its training exercises.

    But that is not enough for some detractors, whose concerns have prompted Rep. Mike Thompson to request a meeting with the Navy.

    Public hearings will be in Fort Bragg and Eureka, Calif. to discuss the plan. The Navy recently expanded its training operations to include coastal waters just north of Mendocino County. Still 90 percent of the training will take place in Washington, in the Puget Sound.