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San Francisco's Top Cop Falls Behind in Teeter Totter Race



    San Francisco's Top Cop Falls Behind in Teeter Totter Race
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    San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris falls behind again in her race for attorney general.

    San Francisco Dist. Atty. Kamala Harris may have booked her ticket out of the City a bit prematurely it seems.

    Harris claimed victory for the state's attorney general position, calling her challenger's,  Steve Cooley, refusal to concede the raise a "Dewey-esque" move.

    But Los Angeles County district attorney may have been wise to rip a page from the history books. Despite what the secretary of state's website says, Harris is now officially losing the race for the state's top cop job by 26,455 votes as it goes into overtimes, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The newspaper says the secretary of state's website, which is suppose to hold the official election results, is running behind the actual count. 

    Several large counties, including Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego, did not report updated counts in the attorney general’s race Sunday. At last count, those three counties among them had reported some 885,000 ballots remaining, mostly mail-in ballots that arrived in election offices on election day, but also provisional ballots and ballots that could not be machine counted because they were damaged.

    Despite the late counting, Harris' campaign, which received a personal boost from President Barack Obama before Election Tuesday, is confident it will win.

    But while the two sides wait for a clear victor, things have not remained civil between them. Friday a consultant to Harris' sent a message to the media explaining why the San Francisco district attorney would be the next attorney general. Cooley's campaign responded with a personal attack against the consultant.