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SF Supe Aims to Create Bullet Registry



    SF Supe Aims to Create Bullet Registry
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    MIAMI - APRIL 09: Shell casing for 9mm bullets are seen in an ammuntion loader at Stone Hart Manufacturing, Company April 9, 2009 in Miami, Florida. Ammunition suppliers nationwide are reporting a shortage due in part to a sharp rise in gun sales after the election of President Obama, said to be fueling fears that his administration will usher in more restrictive gun laws. Other factors pointed to are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and fear of social upheaval due to a worsening economy. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

    Here in California, cities are barred from creating a gun registry. So San Francisco Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier has figured out a novel solution: Create a bullet registry.

    The move comes at a sensitive time. Recent gun violence has made headlines with multiple late-night shootings. In one of the worst recent cases, a German tourist was killed when a bullet from  a nearby argument hit her in the head. The SFPD arrested an 18-year-old but dropped charges due to lack of evidence.

    The bullet registry will likely trigger a repeat of previous battles between gun groups and the City. Last year, the argument centered around requirements that the guns be stored in locked containers. The year before that, a lawsuit was filed over prohibitions on guns on City propery.

    Mayor Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation that would make it easier for the Entertainment Commission to close violence-plagued nightclubs.

    The state is currently considering a new law that would prevent the government from tracking ammo purchases.

    For now, Alioto-Pier is continuing to work with the city attorney's office to craft an ammo-tracking ordinance. Whether such a measure can actually be implemented remains to be seen -- but it's clear that the City's gun violence problem is getting out of hand.