Emotions Build on the Eve of Election Day

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Emotions in the Bay Area were running high on the eve of Election Day, with some people holding last-minute rallies and others gearing up for possible protests.

In Danville, President Trump’s supporters were making their voices heard during an afternoon rally, doing all they could to sway people their way. Meanwhile, in downtown Walnut Creek, some businesses were boarding up, preparing for possible destruction. Some stores plan to close early Tuesday night just in case.

As emotions swell, many worry some people could lash out whatever the outcome of the election turns out to be.

But both Democrats and Republicans said they are hoping things stay peaceful.

"Whoever wins — I’m hoping Biden does — but whoever does win, I’m just hoping that people keep that emotion in check and just remember why we're all here. We're all here just to make sure that our voices are heard." Leslie, a Joe Biden supporter, said.

"We’re also reasonable people," Marty Mankat, a Trump supporter, said. "Usually the reasonable, the more educated, the more open-minded people that you see around here, they don’t react violently. That’s just not the way most conservatives, I feel, are."

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