49ers to Offer Fans Custom Directions to Parking Spots at Levi's Stadium

The 49ers are sparing no expense in getting Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara ready for its grand opening next month, with custom driving directions for each parking spot holder, according to reports.

The San Jose Mercury News reports drivers will receive down-to-the-detail directions -- and they'll also be coupled with timed lights in order to make less-traveled routes even quicker.

Traffic will be shared among "a half-dozen freeway off ramps," the newspaper reported, and lights will be upgraded as well.

Fred Santillan, a longtime season ticket holder, has been assigned to the "tailgating" parking lot. He was given a designated parking lot and a corresponding route after a two-year study by the 49ers and Santa Clara traffic engineers.

The team asked Santillan several questions, including if he planned to tailgate and where he would be coming from.

"You're coming to the stadium from the north," he said. "They give you a parking lot on the north side of the stadium."

In addition to the personalized parking and driving directions, the 49ers will have reserved parking for Uber drivers and "two lots [with] spots for bicycles," the newspaper reported. Trains will also run every 10 minutes.

The idea is to avoid a repeat of the Candlestick Park "logjam," with few routes available for 20,000 cars.

The 49ers also plan to unveil a new app that will coordinate all the parking information and driving directions.

There are 30,000 parking spaces spread over 28 lots at the $1.3 billion Levi's Stadium. Officials say offering each driver the custom-made directions is "unprecedented."

Robert Handa contributed to this report.

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