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Barry Bonds Cares About the Kids

Former baseball slugger returns to the Bay Area



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    Barry Bonds poses with Ridha Aldandan, 14, and other children and their families at the grand opening of the newly remodeled playroom in UCSF Children's Hospital in San Francisco

    Barry Bonds may not be too worried about his health but the former San Francisco Giants' slugger put his money where his mouth is when he says he cares about sick kids.

    The disputed homerun king was back in San Francisco on Friday, handing out T-shirts, posing for pictures and romping with young patients as a San Francisco hospital opened a playroom bearing his name.

    The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Barry Bonds Family Foundation Playroom was Friday at the UCSF Medical Center.

    Bonds paid for the renovation himself at a cost of nearly $250,000, according to Roxanne Fernandes, executive director of UCSF Children's Hospital. The new surroundings include a flat-screen television and audio system, an arts and crafts table and several toys.

    Bonds, who has not played since 2007, told a crowd assembled outside the playroom that he hoped it would provide children a place to relax while staying at the hospital. The controversial baseball figure is back in the Bay Area for an appereance at the Presidents Cup this weekend.