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Coordinator Gets Frank About JaMarcus



    Coordinator Gets Frank About JaMarcus
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    JaMarcus Russell got taken down in remarks from an Oakland Raider coordinator.

    It's not just the talk radio people moaning about JaMarcus Russell anymore.

    In a surprisingly candid press conference after Raiders practice Friday, passing game coordinator Ted Tollner gave a lengthy and surprisingly critical set of remarks about quarterback JaMarcus Russell. 

    "His numbers are not impressive," Tollner told the San Francisco Chronicle "We don't like 'em, he doesn't like 'em and we've got to do something about it. All we can try to do is clean up all the areas around that support him to be more productive and then he's got to make the play at that point."

    Russell has completed a rock-bottom 35.2 percent of his passes this season.

    "We were making strides and -- bam -- we stepped back, and I don't have the answer other than what I already said," Tollner said. Bam? Has he been watching a lot of Dan LeBatard guest-hosting Pardon the Interruption?

    To Russell's credit, he won one of those two games where he played so terribly and should have gotten the win in the other. But if he continues looking like he has -- bam! -- those close ones are going to turn into ugly losses.

    Joe Kukura is a freelance writer who actually likes it better when LeBatard is on.