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Linsanity Redux: Jeremy Lin Returns to Bay Area Tonight

He's no longer Linsane, merely Jeremy Lin. And he's good.



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    Hard to imagine Linsanity was just 14 months ago. But maybe that's because Palo Alto High graduate Jeremy Lin, who visits Oakland tonight when his Houston Rockets take on the Warriors, has proved he's nothing but a fluke.

    Lin, whose NBA tour of duty exploded into international superstardom during an amazing run last year with the Knicks, has proven he belongs in the league, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    Last year Lin provided the spark necessary to propel the Knicks into the postseason. This year he's the Rockets' starting point guard -- after, of course, he had a brief time in a Warriors jersey his rookie season.

    The Warriors know full well how effective Lin and his teammates are in coach Kevin McHale's freewheeling, shoot-first offense, which dropped a record number of three-pointers on the W's in a 140-109 win recently.

    "Linsanity, man," Warriors point guard Stephen Curry told the newspaper. "It wasn't overrated at all."