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Potential 49ers' Target Struggles on Wonderlic



    Potential 49ers' Target Struggles on Wonderlic
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    Just how much does a Wonderlic score matter?

    If you're Frank Gore probably not that much. But if you're Alex Smith, it could be a factor. The two represent opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of Wonderlic scores for the 49ers.

    As the San Francisco 49ers head into draft season, draftnicks will associate all sorts of numbers with potential players.

    From weight to height to 40 speeds, every each and angle of a player's life will be examined by NFL types who get paid handsomely to get insight into a team's future investment.

    But perhaps the most interesting and confusing of all tests is the notorious Wonderlic, which measures a player's ability to learn a playbook, benefit from specific training, understand instructions and more.

    One of the draft eligible players most being associated with the 49ers in round one of next month's draft is LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson.

    The No. 1 rated DB in this year's draft scored a paltry six on his Wonderlic. While Prince Amukamara, the No. 2 rated cornerback in the draft, scored an impressive 35. 

    But what do the scores actually mean? The Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows explains in his latest report.

    The veteran 49ers' reporter said he asked the creator of the Wonderlic in 2005 what a low score means for a player.

    "You can still be a great football player, but it means you can't be trained through reading," Charlie Wonderlic told Barrows. "What that's really telling you is just how much of a challenge it's going to be to teach this person."

    For the record, Gore scored a six on his test, while Smith scored a 40.

    The test consists of 50 questions that range in the topics they cover. To see how difficult a test is and how well you would score, try to take one yourself.