Alfonso Soriano Hates San Francisco Weather

Following Melky Cabrera's 50-game suspension, the Giants should be looking for offense. One name that popped up in the rumor mill on Wednesday was Alfonso Soriano, who just so happened to clear waivers shortly after the Melkman's suspension.

The Cubs outfielder already told Chicago GM Theo Epstein he wouldn't wave his no-trade clause for the Giants at the deadline, and don't bank on it happening now either, apparently because Soriano hates the weather in San Francisco (emphasis mine).

"I don't think so," Soriano told Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune when asked if he'd waive his no-trade clause for the Giants now. "San Francisco is not good weather to play in. It's on the West Coast and I've never played on the West Coast. We'll see what happens if they call. I'll talk to my family then and see. It's not my call. i know it's 50 percent of my call, but it's my family's (call) too. I'd talk to my family and see what happens."

What a champ, huh? Dude's rocking out as a 36-year-old veteran outfielder on a 46-70 joke of a team in the middle of a rebuild. The Cubs would love to move his contract, even if it means paying part of it, and a deal with the Giants would let Soriano play for a contender and perhaps make a difference in a playoff race.

Instead, he just wants to play out the string with Chicago because, again, he doesn't like the weather.

Soriano's played in the big leagues for more than a decade now and he's earned over $103,000,000.00 in that time, with another $54 million coming in the next three years. (His contract should also make you want to stab someone, yes. It's not just Theo.) And he has two World Series titles.

It's annoying, but you can hardly blame him for not wanting to go to a new city and play in the harsh fog of San Francisco.

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